12 hours down through Niagara, Detroit, Ohio, Kentucky and finally into Tennessee it was a long journey broken up with a few tourist stops along the way. Nick swears he will never do a road trip again (boring and painful sitting in a car for so long); however, I would […]

Road Trip to Nashville

Morocco was an experience I had never had before. There are really no words to express what we went through and how we felt walking around Marrakech. I decided to try to tell a story through my pictures.

Photo Essay of Marrakech, Morocco

Well..it’s been exactly 5 years and about a month since I was last in Ireland. We are headed back this week and I couldn’t be more excited! Other than coming back to live in England for a second time, Ireland will be the only other place that I head to for […]

Heading back to Ireland!

When we chose the countries we wanted to see we essentially chose all the capital cities without really thinking of doing any other research as this was a very last minute trip. One small regret we have is rather than spending our few nights we had in Austria in Vienna […]

Salzburg, Austria in 9 hours

Budapest is heaven on earth for Foodies. One of the best parts of traveling and what we enjoy doing the most (no positives for the waistline or healthy diet) is trying new foods and foods specific to the culture. Hope you’re not hungry before reading this! 

Fantastic Food in Budapest

The view after reaching the top of the Mala Osojnica mountain is such a breathtaking moment that it was one of the first stories I had to share. The hike was overall probably not the smartest idea we’ve had, since it’s still winter, but the tourist information kiosk told us […]

Hiking Lake Bled, Slovenia

The last 21 days have flown by and have also felt like the days leading up to it were a lifetime ago. February 17th was the official day Nick finally arrived in England and this story starts there. 

The last 21 days…

I had a busy week at work and heard there was a light festival called Lumiere going on in the city; I decided to hop on the train and spend a wonderful late afternoon and evening walking around London. 

London Lumiere Festival

What is your favourite restaurant? What can you compare it to? After you have enjoyed an experience at a Michelin star restaurant there is no way you will go back to one of your ‘favourites’ and rate it the same. This meal will forever have a separate place in my […]


This week was quiet, as the kids just got back to school Tuesday after the Christmas break it isn’t common to get many supply calls. I am booked for a school tomorrow though, I am looking forward to a busy day with 4 year olds. It’s been a crumby few […]

Crashing Waves on the Seaside

When we decided to go to Scandinavia we talked about trying an authentic sauna experience when we were in Finland. This is a Her Story and His Story experience of our last afternoon in Finland! 

Authentic Finnish Sauna

I hope this photo journey of our hike on the gorgeous glacier of Skaftafellsjökull inspires you to visit this beautiful country! The pictures aren’t the finest I’ve taken; I am looking forward to a winter adventure in Iceland sooner than later to see the Northern lights and take much better photographs!

Glacier Hiking- Iceland