Behind my lens…

I’ve realized I’ve always had an ‘eye’ for photography. I’ve had my own camera since I was about 12; spending too much money developing film! I’ve been playing around with light and angles ever since.

Finally, on my first travel adventure alone away from home in 2011, I invested in a ‘big kid’ camera. I had just purchased a new point and shoot before moving to England and it froze open and broke right after I got there, so upsetting. Everything happens for a reason I believe though, so I finally invested in my first DSLR. Living alone in England allowed me the time to experiment with different images, angles, outlooks, compositions and essentially all the features of my camera. I knew in order to begin to take the pictures I was imagining I had to understand the tool helping me. 

I’ve always done photography as a hobby. I grew up saving ticket stubs and nicknacks to store in my scrapbooks so it was only a matter of time before this passion developed more. I honestly didn’t think I had the skills to do it for others. Recently educating myself more, taking a photography course online, doing a lot of research, having the support from my constant encouraging boyfriend has helped me expand my ‘hobby’.

I hope you enjoy sharing my journey.

Travel Photography

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Couples, Family, Maternity and Engagement Photography

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