Back in England! 2

Well, definitely did not picture the outcome of this move! With or without my boyfriend, this is how this adventure begins.

My last week at home was an absolute disaster; filled with plans and a long to-do list I did not pack until the night before I left. Thank you to my boyfriend who is so organized and assisted me with it all or I would have had to leave some of it a home. I also was so overwhelmed with leaving that I procrastinated and didn’t leave myself with much time to pack.


These packers are handy little suckers; it was only because of these that I was able to pack much of my wardrobe into two suitcases. Air Transat only allows one free bag and the rest you have to pay for; $100 for a second suitcase it is! It sucks paying for clothes twice, that money could have gone to some wonderful new outfits!


So I should probably rewind and explain why I am at the airport going to England again and especially why I am alone!


When Nick and I started dating a passionate common interest for traveling came up instantly. After dating for 2 months we went on our first trip, Chicago. It wasn’t a crazy excursion but it was a place in the states we wanted to see and the price was right at the time. Since then we have been to Europe many times, including a top country on our bucket list, Iceland.

He mentioned he wanted to go and live in New Zealand for a year or two, after we started dating that went down to a three-six month time frame and eventually it turned into England. As I am a qualified teacher and he a nurse, we had to find a country we could both work in, there is no demand for teachers in NZ. You have to have written proof from a school that that they tried everything in their power in order to higher one of their own; thus, no job for me.

We decided on England, a country I previously lived in and loved and close to EVERYTHING in Europe; trains, planes and boats to where ever you want to go, perfect! Now 6 months later after that decision was made I have ended up in England alone.

When we started looking into applying they told us it would be about 6 months. We told very little people about our decision because we didn’t know exactly how long it would take and we didn’t want everyone asking everyday for updates and timeframes, we needed to deal with it on our own. Thankfully we did that because there were so many hiccups that the last month has been so exhausting explaining what has gone on.

So in short, here is our journey…

  • Nick had to apply for his Tier 5 Youth Mobility visa before his birthday (age restriction for the visa), it’s the cheaper visa which I already had so I can’t use again
  • As a result of applying before his birthday the longest effective start date had to be 3 months from then… September 18
  • Nick had to complete 3 or 4 exams, I can’t remember, one got cancelled so he had to reschedule, time consuming going back and forth to Toronto
  • I started applying for my Ancestry visa and realized I needed a lot more paperwork than I thought. Thankfully my Aunt had my grandparents marriage certificate, birth certificates and passport so that was quick but I had to order my long birth certificate and other pieces
  • After receiving all this and finishing my online application I made an appointment at the start of october in Toronto and chose a random weekend in November as my visa start date/travel date. We assumed we would have everything back by then.
  • Little did I know there was a 30 day travel window restriction on my work visa, so as I chose Nov 7 to travel, I had to be in England no later than Dec 7
  • Georgian College took a month a half to send a piece of paper that took York University less than a day to send… don’t get me started on that; all you need to know is they procrastinated and they are the main reason I am here alone
  • There have been problems with paperwork for a while now and I finally have the update that everything is sent and submitted so Nick will hopefully have his nursing licence in about a month, fingers crossed
  •  It didn’t make sense for Nick to come here without a nursing licence since he can’t work without it. He has a good paying job at home, so he is there to work while I flew here



Yesterday was THE worst day. I can not express the emotion I felt. The last time I left and came to England I was emotional for maybe 12-24 hours after leaving but I was so excited to travel, leave everything I knew behind and experience a new life that I couldn’t focus on being sad. That’s a total 180 from how I feel now. I never knew you could feel so lonely being so far away yet still connected through technology.

I know it will get easier, today feels just a tad better and it will continue improving as the days go on (I hope). Everyone keeps telling me “Don’t worry! Distance makes the heart grow fonder”. Well, they are probably right haha! This short time away, with the next date we will see each other being unknown, has definitely made us both realize our feelings are true and we will be stronger from it.



So here I am, in England alone, exploring familiar territory and smiling that my winter looks like this…









I spent the last two days walking to Brighton and back and thanks to info on my new fitbit that means…

  • 41 731 steps
  • 309 active minutes
  • 112 floors
  • 28.99 kms

No chance I am taking the bus… stay active with tons of time to waste. Best way to see the cities around is to walk!


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2 thoughts on “Back in England!

  • Lee-Ann Smith

    Wow! What a great concept. Sharing amazing photos through your tremendous photography talent and commenting on your experiences and adventures through your own personal website! This is also a brilliant way to keep in touch!

    You are already missed by everyone back home. You set such an impression and admiration within everyone’s heart that the gap is felt strongly for everyone. I am glad that you have made it safely and you are already adventuring out and exploring. I look forward to reading further updates as you write them.

    Big hugs!