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While living in England we have made it a point to travel to the various areas around the Kingdom, utilizing our weekends well. The last official area of the UK to visit was Gibraltar; we were able to tack it on to our road trip around Spain.

We hired rented our car from Malaga Airport after arriving.

Side note: DO NOT use economy bookings to rent a car. It was an awful experience which ended up costing us much more than planned and have now seen countless negative reviews online. A future post with reveal our pain and need to tear our hair out over being so furious.

After getting our car late at night from Malaga we drove to visit family near Granada. We spent the week driving to Sevilla, Jerez, quick tour around Cadiz and down to Tarifa. We chose Tarifa because it was a port to cross over to Tangier, Morocco. You can cross over to Tangier through Algecerias as well, but it was a longer transit upon arrival on the new continent. As we were only going across for the day, we decided to pay the bit extra to arrive next to the town centre (more details of this in another future post).

On the other free day we had around Tarifa there isn’t much to see or do in the winter around town, so we drove to La Linea, parked the car and walked across the border to Gibraltar as it is governed by the United Kingdom. No hassle at all, fastest border crossing I’ve ever experienced and a unique experience of walking across an airport runway to enter the country.

There are about a handful of flights a day departing and arriving from Gibraltar. The peninsula isn’t very big so literally the only spot to build the road connecting to Spain was perpendicular through the runway! When it’s time for a plane to land, crossing arms come down as they would for a railway crossing and they stop traffic. We were on the other side of the ‘rock’ hiking during the two flights we could have witnessed this happening so no pictures!

We fuelled up at Roy’s Fish and Chips. I had asked a local store for the best fish and chip shop as we still hadn’t had amazing fish and chips in the UK and we are told countless times that you can’t come to the UK and not have a good batch. Well, the store shop gentleman told me this guy started it decades ago in his young years and has been on countless tv shows because of how good it is. I cannot lie, it was fantastic. The fish you could tell was absolutely fresh, melt in your mouth and not over cooked. It was fried to perfection. If you ever end up in Gibraltar, find Roy’s in the main square.

Gibraltar was a trek and a half to say the least. Thanks to fitbit, we climbed 262 floors (my most has been 304 in Lake Bled) and covered 24km. The day was full of tons of laughter that resulted in painful ab muscles the next day. All caused by….

…. the most adorable apes.

We climbed the first section of the rock mountain and came across this one being fed breadsticks by a little girl. No regards for all the signs that say do not feed but who cares, he was cute!

We arrived at the entrance to the first site. You can enter and climb the Gibraltar rock for free, enjoy the day walking, hiking and taking in the views for free or you can pay 10 pounds to enter a few of the sites. If you have the extra money to spend then sure, spend it. If you are on a budget traveling, as we always are, I would say skip it. We’ve seen enough castles, ruins and caves so we were not wowed and actually quite disappointed. The employees did not communicate with each other so we weren’t able to enter a few of the sites because of flooding and closures.

I have way too many Ape pictures to count but they are all beyond adorable and cute to me but I know won’t be so meaningful to you haha so I will only share a few.

There are countless signs to not feed the apes and to watch yourself. We spent the day with two fellow travellers we met in our hostel and he was one of the highlights of the day. He decided to eat some orange during one of our rests during our climb. He happily shared a slice with a new friend but someone else got a bit jealous.

He quickly had someone climb aboard looking for his own slice of orange. 

A little later on, a future ape would again be sneaky. He spotted his target (the peanut bag on the outside pocket of our friends bag) and leaped into action at the precise moment.

He stole the half bag of peanuts and was definitely not giving it back.

There was also a poor pre-teen girl that got attacked in the 2 seconds it took for her to pull a bag of malteasers out of her pocket. The 60 pound ape was all over that and within seconds leaped on her back, shocked and scared her enough to scream and toss the bag down and he quickly had a new chocolate treat.

The rest of the afternoon was spent enjoying the feat that we had accomplished. We took in the view and the moment of actually ‘being in the clouds’. Did you ever dream of touching the fluffy clouds as a kid, daydreaming while looking at all the imaginary creatures in the sky. It was a magical, memorable moment but not all that life fulfilling haha.

A few of the sites to see if you do purchase the entrance ticket is a very long war cave that have been dug out of the mountain, which, if you haven’t been in caves before would be worth the entrance. The Rock has been fought and taken over by various countries so many times that you can only imagine the stories that could be told here.

There is also a beautiful cave to enter but we were lucky enough to visit Nerja Caves (Cuevas de Nerjain the south of Spain, near Granada, earlier in the week which were breathtaking. These caves in Gibraltar were stunning but had the natural beauty ruined by having club-thumping music playing and retro lights and lasers going. Just a few lights would suffice and no music, let me enjoy the earths beauty in peace.

Now for the hike down the mountain…

Much easier than the long climb up!


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  • Ellen Sergas (LILY)

    Dear Shannon……..I am in awe of the exciting wonderful things you and your Husband do ……I enjoyed your adventure and also the many others that you have shared. Thanks for sharing. hugs Lily Ellen Sergas