A Weekend in Cambridge

If you ever visit the United Kingdom, I don’t know how Cambridge could not be added onto your ‘to see’ list. The stunning University, founded in 1209, and countless colleges that make up the city centre structure make you feel like you are walking in a magical miniature village. 

It is no wonder that film producers have made Cambridge the backdrop for so many movies. The history and the stories that the walls would tell if only they could speak.

We started our weekend away off with a free walking tour around the city. This is always our go-to when we start out in a new city. You can tip what you’d like that works for your budget at the end of the tour and it gives you a sense of the area and what you want to spend more time seeing. The tours also give you a little bit of context so you aren’t remembering your trip as Oh that was a nice building or that architecture was very detailed. 

I quickly learned the difference in the terms College and University as they are used here (and more generally in Europe) vs. the way we use the terms in North America. The guide quickly pointed out to us the most common question is “Where is Cambridge University?” Well, there isn’t one quick answer to that other than, it’s everywhere. The entire city is made up of all the small colleges, 31 to be exact. The most general way to put it is each college is a different subject or academic focus. Before wanting to attending Cambridge University you have to choose what colleges you want to apply for and study under. You live, sleep, and study in your college.

When we discussed visiting Cambridge I quickly researched what I wanted to see there. I knew the University was a big part of the city but I figured there had to be more to it. The canals, I feel, are the second biggest draw to pull you in for a visit. With countless canals connecting all of the cobble stone streets, it is easy to get lost in the wander of weeping willows (both Nick and my favourite tree).

It is quite easy to sit back and watch the punts and punters push by along the river and imagine what life would have looked like 100, 300 and 800 years ago. Time can quickly stand still here.

The famous mathematical bridge (above), built in 1749 was a historical photo op that wasn’t to be forgotten but another unmissable part of the walking tour was definitely the stroll we took to get a view of the back of the main university building. Beautifully manicured lawns with farm animals relaxing near by was a peaceful and enjoyable walk.

When we finished the walk we decided to go on the hunt for some food. It didn’t take long as there are tons of markets in the city centre and a huge variety of foods for every pallet. We decided to start with a candy fix and the child in me chose something nice and chewy, covered in sugar.

It didn’t last as long as I thought.

We grabbed a few various items for lunch, some wine from the store, and headed off to relax along a canal.


Our accommodations for the weekend were in an Airbnb. We scouted out the downtown core through google maps and where the train would let us off, then chose an Airbnb room that would be a good location for us to get the best use of time from our 48 hours spent away that weekend.

Overall, I can’t recommend the city enough. It is an amazing place to get away to for a weekend or day trip from if you are thinking of visiting London. Extremely picturesque that you’ll leave with many photos that you will want to quickly frame.

We were on our way home walking to the train station when we decided on one last walk through the market and saw this sign. We definitely grabbed a few frozen ostrich sausages that made it to our fridge and not long after, to our table and bellies!



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