A Very Wet Paris 2

There are countless stories that you and myself have told that quickly become “had to be there moments”. No one will ever comprehend or understand what you went through unless they were there, funny, sad, whatever it may be. This is one of those stories.

I had been to Paris before but Nick hadn’t and who doesn’t have ‘see the Eiffel tower’ on their bucket list?! It is one of those structures you learn about in school (at least for us kids back in the day, before children now who have the internet to tell them about it) and it just sticks with you.


I did greatly enjoy Paris the first time around, I don’t think anyone can say they hate it but I definitely did not love it like I hear most people do. It was grungy and smelly and just not the picture I had in my head. I was eager to give it another go.

Maybe it was because I was no longer a single, hopeless romantic watching couples sip on wine and eat baguettes that it was a little more beautiful the second time around? I think the first time I definitely had a pair of the ol’ rose-coloured glasses on before visiting and once I got there, I was greatly disappointed.

The second time around it was better but still not the greatest. I have an extensive list of other top cities and villages that I’d suggest to visit before paying for a trip to Paris; I understand the desire to see it though. For that reason, I am here writing.

It was a wet, wet, wet week and this is where the “had to be there” feelings come from. I tried to explain to my friends and family how much is rained, how wet to the core we were, and still I kept being told, “You’re in Paris, suck it up!”. True. Very true. BUT we were soaked.

From the moment we stepped outside we were wet. Our umbrella’s only worked well when the rain came from above and most of the time it came from the side thanks to the wind. We did not have waterproof shoes and thank you Nike for their breathable runners (built for running!) we had shrivelled toes in a span of ten minutes. We tried to be as positive as we could but we had to take many breaks from the rain to just warm up. When you are that wet for such an extensive amount of time it begins to hurt!

The pictures that are taken without umbrellas it was still raining, just not as hard so we would quickly take off the hoods to try to snatch a few photos without being bundled up.

My best friend sent a news link to me with the comment “Guess you were telling the truth when you said it’s been raining a lot”. The news headline read: “Flooding in Paris, The Louvre shut down”. The Louvre did shut down the day after we visited.

Here is one photo I took that I was able capture the amount of water that fell over those few days. Please walk down the steps and take a seat and wait for your Seine boat ride tour to pick you up…

So thankful that the rain held off one afternoon that we snuck back to the tower to take a few more pictures.

It also held off for a few hours when we went to the Palace of Versailles. This is a definitely MUST DO if you are going to France or in the region of Paris. What a stunning garden, acres and acres that the young king wanted to build. He drew the plans himself and made it come to life back in 1682. So much history and so much breathtaking beauty. Take your time and plan to stay for a few hours, especially if you visit in the summer when the fountains are running.

In order to keep costs down we stuck to our regular routine of buying groceries for snacks, making sandwiches and cooking eggs for breakfast in the hostels and Airbnb’s. Have you been to Paris? Did you fall in love or get over the lust?! xx

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