B is for Brugge and Brussels..and Beer 2

Beer, Beer and more Beer.. that is what initially pulled us in the direction of Belgium, but there is much more to see there if you are not a big beer drinker.

We had initially planned on taking a train from Paris to Brussels on our week off. While living in the UK we have been blessed with an exceptional amount of train delays and train strikes and this followed us on our trip to Belgium and France.

We had our itinerary planned out and once in Paris we went to book our train to Brussels only to find out there was a strike that day, bus it is then! Thankfully we had recently found out about the amazing affordability (and reliable back up plan) of buses around Europe. We quickly booked a Flixbus and found our way to Brussels.

To top off our wonderful adventure we were already on, we got held up on our bus when pulling into the station because someone stole a fellow travellers iPhone 6+ (*say in a french accent if possible). The police questioned each individual as well as a physical and possession search of every passenger before being able to leave the bus. We were in the clear and never found out who actually did take his phone but we were too tired to stick around to find out after we were free to go.


We found our way the short distance to the Youth Hostel Van Gogh (Chab), I don’t recommend a stay there at all, we were not impressed and happy to leave. We always book through hostelbookers and have no complaints with the website. We don’t normally choose a hostel below an 85% rating but there were no other options in the short amount of time we planned and booked our trip.

We spent the first evening just wandering the streets in the dark, I left my camera at the hostel so we just enjoyed a beer and each others company. The next day we were happy to begin exploring in daylight.

Beer glasses galore!



Grand-Place market square was our first stop, it was where the walking tour was starting from and pretty central to everything in Brussels. The buildings are breathtaking and date back to the 14th century.



I think the square was even more beautiful at night…


p1320980Street art is all over Brussels. Tons of murals and paintings to see on many corners while you walk around so it is key to keep your eyes peeled!


Food in Belgium, actually food anywhere, is always in our top 3 things to indulge in. We enjoy going to local supermarkets daily to find food to eat but more specifically to see what the locals are eating; what’s popular on their shelves. In this country we were forced (arm twisted) to have two different Belgian waffles. While in Brussels we had the famous Liege waffle, yes there are 2 specific kinds you must try.

When waffles came to North America they were ‘north american-ized’ and from there they became light and fluffy made with a more batter like mixture and topped with anything you can think of. These are called Brussels waffles. Liege waffles are made with more of a dough. The dough has pieces of sugar which caramelize and form a wonderfully delicious crispy, crunchy, golden coating. Our walking tour guide highly suggested we must try both and see the difference. I want another one while writing this!


We just had a little syrup on top and it was sensational, perfectly crispy and crunchy as we were told. In Brugge we enjoyed the other popular waffle topped with deliciousness, moist, fluffy and most importantly warm and gooey.



Another food we were told was a must to try was Brussels Frites. We are not big deep fried food fans, we stay clear in all possible ways, but when you are told to try a popular local food, you have to indulge. There are frite places to choose from on every other corner but we were instructed to eat at a place that had more than a 10 sauce selection so we skipped a few places to find better. The key difference in these fries compared to others is the way they are cooked; they are double fried. They are initially cooked and cooled and then refried just before serving. Simple yet deliciously crunchy. It is also frowned upon to eat with ketchup so please try one of the many toppings. We just asked for spicy and savoured what was given to us.


Beer is the perfect thing to wash down the frites and waffles! I don’t have a list of beers on here though, there are enough websites telling you what to drink. I think the best way is to just go into the many establishments every 10 feet and try whatever you’d like on the menu. We all have a different pallet and there are beyond thousands of options to impress all.


After experiencing Brussels we were super excited to check out the old historic village of Brugge. It hit our expectations and more.



Brewery tour was number one on our list. De Halve Maan or The Half Moon, brewed here since 1856 it was the most unique brewery tour we have ever been on because of the history in the walls and original building.


We climbed up and down multiple tiny staircases into the attic and deep into the basement. The smell of old added to the informative tour.




We were also taken out on the rooftop for a perfect view of Brugge.





A flight of a variety of beers to top off the end of this trip to Belgium. When you can’t decide on a beer, order more than one…Cheers!





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2 thoughts on “B is for Brugge and Brussels..and Beer

  • Ellen Sergas

    I am in awe reading about the wonderful interesting travels that you do…….also a a little sad that I have never travelled much in my lifetime……regrets. However, I am seeing so much that you are sharing……..thank you.
    hugs Lily ( Ellen ) Sergas

    • Shannon Post author

      Aw, thank you Lily!! We have gone through many days where we question whether it’s worth it (when we have bad days!) but we know we are doing this to not have regrets! Seeing the world really puts the rest of life in perspective, makes you miss the small things, specifically family! Thank you for commenting xx