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Well, we are BACK! After 2.5 months at home, and almost 4 months off of work we officially start back to work on MONDAY. But, before we start work in the UK again, it was a must that we start our adventure off where we were unable to go before we left in the summer. 

When we started our trip in July, we got denied getting on our airplane at 6am. Nick got in serious plan mode while I shed quite a few tears. We planned for months for this trip and getting told you can’t get on your plane because your passport expires in 3 months is one of the worst things to hear. Why have an expiry date if it actually expires earlier? Lessoned learned… emotionally and financially. Please DO NOT make the same mistake we did!

ANYWAY… we were unable to go to Switzerland and Liechtenstein in July because of this error and that caused us a cascade of feelings. We were okay going back to Canada with a few desirable countries not checked off, but missing out on Switzerland was BIG and the summer trip was all about the small micro countries (blog posts about Andorra, Monaco and San Marino will come soon enough) so missing Liechtenstein was also a heartbreaker.

When we booked our flight back to England we said let’s do it, let’s get to these two babies! Switzerland has been SO beautiful. We have to be thankful that we didn’t make that flight because we had only planned on seeing Zurich and maybe one day trip out to another city during that trip. We have now seen Zurich, Lucerne, Interlaken and Bern… With Interlaken and Bern creating a tie for me. Interlaken may take the win only by a slight because the water was so stunning. Enough of the novel now though, please enjoy!!





The minerals from the glacier water makes the water so stunningly beautiful. I have yet to visit the west coast of our beautiful country Canada but I look forward to this colour there too!



We had penciled in our travel plans that we would paraglide in Interlaken. It’s a popular destination for summer and winter adventure but unfortunately the weather was not on our side, it is an excuse to come back though!




We did a free walking tour with Interlaken tours, smallest tour group we’ve ever joined but it was a very informative and enjoyable tour. Our tour guide took us up the mountain side and through a nice forest which was wonderful for Nick and I because we hike at least once a week (we try twice) back home.





I can’t get enough of this water!! So many pictures haha!


This is the view up the top of one of the mountains, fog clearly restricted us from a breathtaking view. I can never be upset with fog though, it always creates some wonderful pictures.






If you take a bus from the city centre (free bus pass upon arrival at our hostel as a tourist) to the stop Neauhaus, you get off and walk your way back to the city through an easily walkable forest path along the lake. Tons of ducks, geese and other birds to photograph, benches to picnic on and overall relaxing couple hours. The total walk is only an hour but you can take it at your own pace!







Ruine Weissenau is also along this path, an old castle ruin from the 1300s. Crazy to us that these areas of history are available for you to walk along and climb on your own, not restricted by a gate fee or anything!







Interlaken translates to ‘between the lakes’, as we walked and saw the one lake on the West side of the city we wanted to spend the second half of the day exploring the East side. We stopped by the tourist information at the train station and she circled the area of Bönigen on the map. She suggest to take the bus there and walk back but we opted for the opposite to enjoy the daylight a bit as the bus wait for 40 minutes.






Amazing day, amazing city! If you get to Switzerland this is a perfect city to walk and explore, hike, adventure, picnic and just relax! We had an extremely foggy day and we were unable to see much of the mountains at all but it was still one of the most picturesque places we have visited!





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2 thoughts on “Interlaken, Switzerland

  • Lee-Ann Smith

    Omg! These photos are simply breathtaking Shannon. You capture the beauty of these places so well. Your such a talented photographer my dear.

    I know how sad you both were missing Switzerland this summer, but it paid off for you and what a treat to read about it and see the sites through your lens.

    • Shannon Post author

      Thank you sooo much Lee!! That means a lot! I had a lot of fun taking pictures in Interlaken, you can’t take a bad picture there, it was just so perfect! Sad we weren’t able to see the mountains or go paragliding but the fog gave the backdrop to some beautiful pictures :) xx