Cheap £20 day in London, England

We were struggling pay cheque to pay cheque when we first started working but we wanted to escape for the weekend, get out and do something, and spend as little money as possible…so we went to London for the day and spent £20…

Yes, that is right, only £20! How did we do that?!

Firstly, I don’t know how we snagged the cheap train tickets but it is true, if you schedule ahead of time then you can get a great discount! We spent £15 round trip for both of us!

We skipped using the tube when we got to London because there is nothing to see underground.


We walked and explored Chinatown, Soho, Piccadilly Circus, Covent Gardens and many other little city districts around. It costs nothing to walk and take pictures!


Toss a few pennies in to make a couple wishes :) We will see when my wish will eventually come true…


The British Museum is absolutely FREE and it was a source of hours of education, interesting facts and entertainment.






It allowed me more practice and entertainment taking pictures too.



Practicing with depth, angles and lighting!

It was now time for lunch (which I didn’t take pictures of!). We packed snacks, not technically free since they were purchased previously but I didn’t include that in our £20 spending. We made wraps, brought some veggies and granola bars. Later that afternoon/evening we got a shwarma for £5! It was soo large that we each had half.


The rest of the evening was spent exploring more of the London streets and a stroll up the side of the River Thames.





We could have definitely spent more money by purchasing larger meals, drinks, we could have went to a fancy stage show but we just wanted to get out and explore the city, and we did just that! We consulted > this list < a few times before going, as well as during future visits to London as well. 101 free things to do list is very thorough and great for ideas for all ages!!

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