Alexander Keith’s Brewery Tour- Halifax, Canada

Living relatively close to Niagara-on-the-lake, which is wine country in Canada, it quickly became an annual and sometimes semi annual trip to visit and tour various wineries in the area. We no sooner came across some smaller craft breweries that we fell in love with, specifically Oust house and Silversmiths. Our love for beer started long before then but a new tradition of touring breweries began. Our trip to the East Coast included the best brewery tour we’ve ever been on.

Alexander Keith’s beer is honestly not a beer I often request as my first choice but it is a great one and if you are in Halifax it is most definitely worth the tour.

You are transported back in time to the early 1800s when he first began his brew. Alexander Keith’s assistant appears on a screen confused about technology. He insists Mr. Keith himself is on his way shortly and he would like to give you a small introduction while we wait.


We took a seat around a large dining table and our guide began to share the history of the great beer.




Without giving away too much, we moved from room to room with our guide for the tour. What made this one of the best tours we had ever experienced was she did not break character. She stayed in the 1820s, answered questions only in a way she could back then (no technology questions), we enjoyed her accent, jokes and all. This was very memorable and left a lasting impression on us to this day versus other tours we’ve taken that just walk you through the posters and displays of information about the beer.



This tour took us back in time to try to emulate the life and times back then. We imagined horses walking through the archway (you can still see where the horse buggies banged against the wall), we imagined the barrels being pushed and rolled down the alleyways, we were welcomed with traditional song and dance in a dimly lit pub and enjoyed conversation that they would have done with a beer after a long hard days work.



We also quickly checked out the Garrison’s Brewing Co. on our walk around Halifax. It’s located on Pier 21 and was under a bit of a reno when we stopped it but it didn’t change the taste and quality of the beer! If you are in the area definitely stop by them as well!



Definitely worth a visit! Cheers xx

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