With our recent ferry trip across the strait of Gibraltar from Tarifa, Spain to Tangier, Morocco had me reminiscing our first adventure on the continent of Africa. You can also see a photo essay here of my perspective of the life through the city from my lens.

A Stroll Around Marrakech, Morocco

If you ever visit the United Kingdom, I don’t know how Cambridge could not be added onto your ‘to see’ list. The stunning University, founded in 1209, and countless colleges that make up the city centre structure make you feel like you are walking in a magical miniature village. 

A Weekend in Cambridge

There are countless stories that you and myself have told that quickly become “had to be there moments”. No one will ever comprehend or understand what you went through unless they were there, funny, sad, whatever it may be. This is one of those stories.

A Very Wet Paris

12 hours down through Niagara, Detroit, Ohio, Kentucky and finally into Tennessee it was a long journey broken up with a few tourist stops along the way. Nick swears he will never do a road trip again (boring and painful sitting in a car for so long); however, I would […]

Road Trip to Nashville