Coming to England alone was very tough the first few days, leaving loved ones at home and setting off on this journey myself. I joined meetup.com to find other locals who essentially just want to find new friends and be social! Well, that is just what I have needed.

Brighton Rocks

I remember tasting icewine for the first time when I was just freshly turned 19 (possibly just before!) and it was a spicy icewine. To this day I have not tasted an icewine like the one I did that day. I was told it was a ‘desert’ wine and to be […]

Icewine Festival

  Wow, it has been such a busy week and I am so sorry for not getting any posts up! I was able to get together with a few friends this weekend which happily resulted in consuming a few beers. This had me thinking about all the beer stops in […]

Amsterdam- Beer!