We were struggling pay cheque to pay cheque when we first started working but we wanted to escape for the weekend, get out and do something, and spend as little money as possible…so we went to London for the day and spent £20…

Cheap £20 day in London, England

It’s never easy picking up your things and moving to a new house, let alone moving across the Atlantic to a new continent and country. We’ve had beyond our fair share of difficulties, constant string of bad luck and problems but we have stayed strong and gotten stronger because of […]

What you don’t see on Instagram or Facebook

It was a tough decision on what to do as a day trip while in Marrakech. It was our first time on the continent of Africa and I saw so many camel trips that I honestly had my heart set on that. Due to tight money restrictions as it was […]

The Atlas Mountains- Day trip from Marrakech

Living relatively close to Niagara-on-the-lake, which is wine country in Canada, it quickly became an annual and sometimes semi annual trip to visit and tour various wineries in the area. We no sooner came across some smaller craft breweries that we fell in love with, specifically Oust house and Silversmiths. Our […]

Alexander Keith’s Brewery Tour- Halifax, Canada

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Our road trip around the east coast of Canada began in New Brunswick as we found a cheap flight into and out of Moncton; we based our awkward circle/half back track drive from this point. We grabbed our rental car at the airport and headed off to our bed and […]

Cliff Rappelling at Cape Enrage

When you look at me you instantly see my red hair and freckles then you hear the name Shannon and you can put together that my family comes from Ireland. I’m proud of my heritage, as most people I’m sure are, and I was so thankful to be able to […]

Drive Around the Northern Ireland Coast

12 hours down through Niagara, Detroit, Ohio, Kentucky and finally into Tennessee it was a long journey broken up with a few tourist stops along the way. Nick swears he will never do a road trip again (boring and painful sitting in a car for so long); however, I would […]

Road Trip to Nashville

Morocco was an experience I had never had before. There are really no words to express what we went through and how we felt walking around Marrakech. I decided to try to tell a story through my pictures.

Photo Essay of Marrakech, Morocco

Well..it’s been exactly 5 years and about a month since I was last in Ireland. We are headed back this week and I couldn’t be more excited! Other than coming back to live in England for a second time, Ireland will be the only other place that I head to for […]

Heading back to Ireland!

When we chose the countries we wanted to see we essentially chose all the capital cities without really thinking of doing any other research as this was a very last minute trip. One small regret we have is rather than spending our few nights we had in Austria in Vienna […]

Salzburg, Austria in 9 hours

Budapest is heaven on earth for Foodies. One of the best parts of traveling and what we enjoy doing the most (no positives for the waistline or healthy diet) is trying new foods and foods specific to the culture. Hope you’re not hungry before reading this! 

Fantastic Food in Budapest

The view after reaching the top of the Mala Osojnica mountain is such a breathtaking moment that it was one of the first stories I had to share. The hike was overall probably not the smartest idea we’ve had, since it’s still winter, but the tourist information kiosk told us […]

Hiking Lake Bled, Slovenia