With our recent ferry trip across the strait of Gibraltar from Tarifa, Spain to Tangier, Morocco had me reminiscing our first adventure on the continent of Africa. You can also see a photo essay here of my perspective of the life through the city from my lens.

A Stroll Around Marrakech, Morocco

While living in England we have made it a point to travel to the various areas around the Kingdom, utilizing our weekends well. The last official area of the UK to visit was Gibraltar; we were able to tack it on to our road trip around Spain.

Monkeying Around in Gibraltar

If you ever visit the United Kingdom, I don’t know how Cambridge could not be added onto your ‘to see’ list. The stunning University, founded in 1209, and countless colleges that make up the city centre structure make you feel like you are walking in a magical miniature village. 

A Weekend in Cambridge

There are countless stories that you and myself have told that quickly become “had to be there moments”. No one will ever comprehend or understand what you went through unless they were there, funny, sad, whatever it may be. This is one of those stories.

A Very Wet Paris

Beer, Beer and more Beer.. that is what initially pulled us in the direction of Belgium, but there is much more to see there if you are not a big beer drinker.

B is for Brugge and Brussels..and Beer

Well, we are BACK! After 2.5 months at home, and almost 4 months off of work we officially start back to work on MONDAY. But, before we start work in the UK again, it was a must that we start our adventure off where we were unable to go before […]

Interlaken, Switzerland

We were struggling pay cheque to pay cheque when we first started working but we wanted to escape for the weekend, get out and do something, and spend as little money as possible…so we went to London for the day and spent £20…

Cheap £20 day in London, England

It’s never easy picking up your things and moving to a new house, let alone moving across the Atlantic to a new continent and country. We’ve had beyond our fair share of difficulties, constant string of bad luck and problems but we have stayed strong and gotten stronger because of […]

What you don’t see on Instagram or Facebook

It was a tough decision on what to do as a day trip while in Marrakech. It was our first time on the continent of Africa and I saw so many camel trips that I honestly had my heart set on that. Due to tight money restrictions as it was […]

The Atlas Mountains- Day trip from Marrakech

Living relatively close to Niagara-on-the-lake, which is wine country in Canada, it quickly became an annual and sometimes semi annual trip to visit and tour various wineries in the area. We no sooner came across some smaller craft breweries that we fell in love with, specifically Oust house and Silversmiths. Our […]

Alexander Keith’s Brewery Tour- Halifax, Canada

Our road trip around the east coast of Canada began in New Brunswick as we found a cheap flight into and out of Moncton; we based our awkward circle/half back track drive from this point. We grabbed our rental car at the airport and headed off to our bed and […]

Cliff Rappelling at Cape Enrage

When you look at me you instantly see my red hair and freckles then you hear the name Shannon and you can put together that my family comes from Ireland. I’m proud of my heritage, as most people I’m sure are, and I was so thankful to be able to […]

Drive Around the Northern Ireland Coast